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NextGen Imaging Center is a full-service outpatient imaging facility conveniently located in Plano, Texas. At NextGen Imaging Center, it’s our job to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art digital diagnostic imaging technology, which enables our highly skilled imaging and medical staff to provide you with accurate imaging reports and to assist your physician to diagnose and prepare a treatment plan for you. Our uncompromising commitment to quality allows us to provide the finest imaging services ensuring the right procedure, at the right time, for each individual patient.

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7504 San Jacinto Pl.,

Suite B

Plano, Texas


After hour appointments available to fit patients schedule
Our Mission Statement

NextGen has a single minded mission to become the premier diagnostic imaging provider in the DFW Metroplex, offering the most advanced equipment along with superior image quality. We continually strive to develop and maintain trust with our patients and referring physicians in order to build reliable relationships. We realize that it is through excellent communication and mutual respect that we grow and prosper together.

Services Offered


Ultrasound is modern way to detect diseases by transmitting high frequency waves to get photographic images…


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most advanced diagnostic technologies…

CT Scan

Computed Tomography (CT), formerly known as a CAT scan, is a radiology technique that uses x-ray…

MRI/CT Anesthesia

Having anesthesia for an MRI or CT means that you will be unconscious and unaware throughout…


Echo is a cutting-edge technology used to evaluate overall functioning of the heart using device emitting ultrasonic radiations…


Arthrogram is an innovative way to identify problems in joints, bones using a special dye that highlights and displays exact problem…


X-rays is used to get complex imaging of internal organs and bones using radiations  to identify fractures, fluid buildup, issues in the digestive tract…