An arthrogram is a procedure used to detect problems and issues in joints. Doctors often find it hard to detect problems with standard imaging like X-rays. The arthrogram is widely used to find exact pain points in case of bone fracture, wear down cartilage, tear a ligament. This diagnostic process injects a special dye called contrast dye and then uses x-rays, MRI, CT scan or Fluoroscopy. The dye acts as a highlighter that displays the exact problem in the joint. It helps in detecting the unexplained pain, trouble in moving joints, feels off in the joint while doing everyday activities.

What to expect?

  • Certified and experienced trained technologist takes preliminary X-rays.
  • The patient will be provided a comfortable hospital attire to make them comfortable. We ask patient not to wear valuables on the day of the test.
  • The affected joint will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution to prepare it for local anesthesia.
  • Radiologist shoots the contrast material into the joint and moves it to spread it in the joints.
  • For further examination, we collect a small sample of fluid in joint.
  • The radiologist will examine the images received with the technologist to get the best images.
  • The entire process takes 30 minutes to complete.
  • Comprehensive guidance of test to help the patient understand the procedure in detail, instructions, side effects. They can ask queries if any.
  • Well-furnished infrastructure to make it comfortable for the patient to take the test.