Ultrasound is a process used to detect wide range of diseases and health condition by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through body tissues. These high-frequency sound waves are not audible, and the echoes are recorded and converted in video or photographic images to identify the changes in internal structures of the body. Ultrasound is also known as sonography, built on the use of sonar technology-use of sound waves to detect objects placed underwater. This technology can identify the blockage e in blood vessels, creates imaginings of soft tissues structures like heart, kidney, female reproductive organs and gallbladder.

What to expect?

  • Test performed by certified and experienced trained technologist.
  • The patient will be provided a comfortable hospital attire to make them comfortable.
  • The technologist applies a water-soluble gel to the affected area and transducer (a hand-held instrument) will be moved in a To and Fro direction to get the images.
  • The radiologist will examine the images received with the technologist to get the best images.
  • The entire procedures take 30-60 minutes
  • Comprehensive guidance of test to help the patient understand the process in detail, instructions, side effects. They can ask queries if any.
  • Well-furnished infrastructure to make it comfortable for the patient to take the test.