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Primary Care vs. Pain Management Specialists: The Benefits of Pain Management for Treating Chronic Pain


Chronic pain can seriously limit optimal mobility for everyday chores. Recurring pain may stem from dysfunctional nerves or inflammation that can last weeks or even years. If you suffer from persistent pain, chances are you have discussed treatment options with your primary care physician. However, while they can prescribe medications, these only offer temporary solace and comfort. The only way to get to the root of the issue is by seeing a pain management doctor.

As it is, most family doctors refer patients to pain management specialists for advanced treatments. Our physicians are highly-trained to pinpoint and treat specific types of chronic pain. This includes arthritis, bursitis, migraines, nerve pain, tendonitis, and much more. Treatment plans are customized to meet your specific health and wellness needs, including medications, acupuncture, adjustments, deep-tissue massages, electrical stimulation, and as a last resort, surgery.

What can pain management doctors do for you?

While you may be comfortable seeing a primary care physician for pain remediation, they do not have the qualifications or skills needed to treat or resolve chronic pain. Pain management doctors are trained specialists with years of extensive experience diagnosing and treating acute and chronic pain. Our NextGen physicians deal with complex pain problems with solutions that family doctors cannot provide. These include but are not limited to:

  • Perform specialized tests for diagnosing and treating chronic pain conditions.
  • Prescribe and manage medications for unique pain conditions at all levels of severity. PCPs only prescribe medicines that deal with pain-related symptoms, not actual causes or solutions.
  • Conduct specialized procedures like spinal injections and nerve blocks.
  • Offer rehabilitative physical therapies for patients dealing with injury-related pain and tension.
  • Provide spinal decompression/traction services and deep-tissue therapy; this relieves pressure on the spine. Spinal traction is used to treat herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, and many other back conditions essential in stimulating blood flow and oxygen to the injured areas – resulting in better muscle recovery and mobility restoration.

Our pain management teams keep your primary care doctor in the loop. This ensures everyone is on the same page regarding your treatment and recovery periods. The pain management field continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and only certified therapists have the skills and expertise you need to manage pain and produce timely results effectively.

Speak with your family doctor for a referral to see a pain management doctort near you. Patients with HMO insurance plans will need a referral to receive treatments from pain management doctors that bring years of high-level training and experience to the examination table.

Benefits of Pain Management Services

Pain management specialists coordinate additional care for patients that require rehabilitation. They even connect patients to experts in cognitive-behavioral and psychological therapies. While your PCP is skilled in treating many health and physical issues, they do not have the same training as pain management physicians.

Pain management doctors have over nine years of extensive medical training. First, they have a broad study of education in medical schools, followed by four years of hands-on training in anesthesiology, physical medicine/sciences, rehabilitation, neurology, and other fields. This separates them from everyday doctors, and there are now more medical schools adding pain management programs to their curriculums. This was at the behest of The American Academy of Pain Medicine and American Pain Society in 2018.

Our pain management doctors also have:

  • Completed residencies and internships after medical school.
  • Received fellowship training specific to treating chronic and acute pain.
  • They have increased their knowledge of pinpointing the causes of chronic pain and implementing the best measures for lasting relief and results.
  • Received hands-on training from industry leaders in therapeutic massages, rehabilitative therapies, interventional procedures, and surgeries.
  •  Extensive knowledge in prescribing and managing medications that help suppress chronic pain.
  • Essential skills in communicating with patients to analyze, assess, and treat all types of pain issues with measurable results.

Why seeing a pain management doctor is essential

NextGen doctors have extensive experience and training in pain management. In addition, our facility gives patients access to state-of-the-art equipment that treats specific types of recurring pain. Pain management experts also consider your medical and injuries history when formulating personalized care plans.

With proactive, patient-oriented care, you receive individualized treatment plans that alleviate pain and prevent it from recurring. Our physicians also take a natural, holistic approach to pain care with minimally-invasive yet innovative therapies.

If OTC medications are no longer working or you have exhausted all efforts, now is the right time to see a pain management specialist in Dallas or Arlington, Texas. Speaking to your primary care physician is best to connect with a pain management physician via referral. However, you can contact us directly to schedule an appointment, especially for PPO insurance patients. These plans do not require referrals from primary care doctors so that you can begin your treatments expeditiously. Our specialists will also work with your family doctor in a joint effort to reduce the pain you are experiencing. As always, communications are the key to evaluating your chronic pain and treating it accordingly.

Communications are essential in treating pain

Honest communication with your pain doctor is essential, especially during the first visit. This is also an excellent time to ask questions or have your physician address any concerns. Be prepared to discuss your pain level, symptoms, and when it occurs. You may also be asked about your medical history and that of your family. If your PCP has given you a referral, bring it to your appointment along with any previous imaging and testing reports.

By being transparent, you can reap the benefits of seeing a pain control doctor. As a result, our doctors can evaluate and treat acute and chronic pain while improving the quality and health of patients. They work with neurologists, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and other specialists. So whether dealing with cancer-related pain, post-surgical pain, osteoarthritis, post-stroke pain, or other conditions, we have the tools and expertise to get to the root of the problem and resolve it.

Experience the results at NextGen

Pain management treatments may take time to produce desired results. However, finding the root cause of your pain and starting treatment is best to expedite the process. At NextGen Pain & Injury Clinic, we feature board-certified pain management doctors with a proven track record of success in pain remediation.

We offer same-day appointments and consultations with two convenient locations in Arlington, Texas, and Dallas, Texas. Contact us today at (817) 887-8182 (Arlington) or (972) 382-9992 (Dallas) and experience the results.

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