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Personal Injury Clinic

Car Accident Injury Clinic in Dallas and Arlington

Every day millions of Americans experience some form of a personal injury accident. From workplace accidents, to motor vehicle injuries, to on-site slip and fall accidents, these often involve attorneys and require medical care. The personal injury services and staff at Nextgen Pain & Injury Clinic have the experience and expertise to treat motor vehicle accident injuries and work with attorneys, often times providing care on the basis of an LOP.

Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury cases treated in the United States. The careless driver who caused the accident could be held liable for the medical care of the victim. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, either as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, you may be entitled to medical care on behalf of the guilty party. Our medical staff knows how to work through the paperwork to provide you with the car accident injury treatments you need.

Workplace Accident

Thousands of workers are injured on the job each day. If injured on the job you might have been introduced to the term, Workers Compensation. Workers compensation is a structure meant to provide for persons injured during the time of their employment. It also protects the employer, removing an employee’s ability to sue an employer or co-worker for negligence. If you are faced with a workplace injury and need medical care, contact our team today. We provide medical treatments for Federal Workers Comp injuries.


If you or your loved one has experienced a motor vehicle accident and need help working through the paperwork and getting care, then contact our office. We have the expertise to provide you the medical treatment you need to get you back to your normal routines.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Another type of personal injury is slip and fall. Property owners have the legal duty to keep their property safe. If injured on a property, you should get the counsel of an attorney. If you and your attorney are looking for medical care, our team has experience in treating slip and fall injuries.

Accepting Personal Injury Patients

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