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Traumatic Brain Injury


Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is nothing short of a life-changing experience. Physical impairment and emotional stress disturb normal activities in everyday life. In addition, the impact can severely alter a person’s ability to perform work duties or interact with family and the outside world. NextGen understands these ordeals and offers personalized treatments for all types of traumatic brain injuries.

The NextGen difference

NextGen takes a therapeutic approach to remedying the effects of TBI. With an emphasis on rebuilding your independence, we provide rehabilitation for strokes, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries at all levels. Sustaining a brain injury will affect cognitive and physical abilities. It will even cause a lack of mental clarity and increase confusion. With this in mind, our therapists work closely with patients to develop building blocks of recovery for physical, cognitive, and psychological restoration.

Physical and cognitive impacts

The physical impacts of TBI affect normal balance and coordination. A person’s motor skills, strength, and endurance are also dramatically affected. Cognitive deficits prevent optimal responses to stimuli and processing information. As a result, the ability to speak, communicate, and perceptual skills become challenging. Even memory diminishes due to the brain not functioning at peak levels.

Mental and psychological impairments

Psychological performance is altered and requires adjustments that restore proper mental functionality. Behavioral changes are also common and may result in mood swings, anxiety, and depression. NextGen takes all of this into account when formulating customized care plans for patients dealing with TBI.

Therapeutic intervention clinic

Our pain and injury clinic has years of experience in treating traumatic brain injuries. With dedicated specialists, we work with patients and families to foster a supportive atmosphere. From individualized therapies to goal-orientated programs, NextGen treatments play a crucial role in overcoming brain trauma.

Neuro skills and physical support

Physical rehabilitation gradually improves a patient’s motor skills and strength. It also reduces any pain or stress on the body due to physical restrictions. As a result, the individual will regain endurance, flexibility, and mobility over time. Our rehabilitation experts work patiently with TBI sufferers to help them get their lives back. This includes:

  • All rehabilitative services and activities are supervised within the state-of-the-art and welcoming facilities.
  • Behavioral therapies promote interaction and communication with others.
  • Cognitive and speech therapies – with neuro skills support – are essential to recovery.
  • Pain management treatments are implemented to alleviate tension and overcome obstacles.
  • Patient and family counseling help cope with the injury while working together to create a supportive environment.
  • Patients learn crucial self-care tips for living independently.

Rehabilitation options

Day treatments

Day treatments allow the patient with the brain injury to return home at night. Rehabilitation is conducted in structured group settings with supervised care and personalized instructions. Some patients may opt for day programs after being discharged from inpatient rehabilitation facilities. The same also goes for individuals that were released from a hospital and needed continuing TBI rehabilitation.

Outpatient therapies

Outpatient therapies are designed to maintain the recovery of the patient. These treatments are ideal for individuals with injuires that did not require hospitalization. However, they may have been diagnosed with TBI after the incident and now need outpatient therapies to address the problem areas.

Recovery is a reality

Every brain injury is unique and requires a personalized care plan. NextGen features physical rehab, neurological and clinical teams that work in unison to offer comprehensive treatments. These cohesive, collaborative therapies address brain injuries and their symptoms at the core. Outpatient and day therapies also cover post-injury progress with clear, defined goals for recovery.

As always, each care plan is tailor-made to meet the individual’s health and wellness needs. With cost-effective therapies and activities that support growth, patients have a platform for progressive recovery with measurable results.

NextGen remains a leader in helping people with brain injuries recover and live life again. Learn more by contacting our clinic today and experience the results.